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kordegui: give me motivation to do my homework

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we Americans act really cocky and assholey about freedom to hide the fact that our government is crumbling and nobody is actually free so please give us this one day to be annoying about it

Kinda feel bad for poor Americans now. A bit like the asshole kid who you realise is only acting like that cuz their parents are cruel and neglectful.

That’s painfully accurate.

BUT BEING NOMINATED FOR THE EMA’s IS SUCH A BIG DEAL FOR AMERICAN MUSICIANS SO WHY ARENT WE TALKING ABOUT THIS MORE. Only BIG artists aka Eminem, Beyoncé, Katy Perry get nominated for these sorts of awards not five underdogs from season 2 of Xfactor??? This is incredible! If we win this, if Fifth Harmony walks away with that award rather than those top artists everyone is going to flip a lid and start realizing that they have POWER and they have REAL talent and need to be recognized for it more. So everyone please vote vote vote it’s so important, way more important than the award itself it comes with so much positive baggage for their career and recognition that they so far haven’t been getting on radio stations.. Please vote.

Anonymous: What drama? I think it would be so much better if she posted a photo of the 5 of them, because lately it's just CamilaandDinah and Lauren and then Normani and ally


there was drama because dinah was deleting pictures as usual to keep her photo count down and she deleted everyone’s birthday messages except for the one to camila.

and - they’re not obligated to give us anything? they all love each other, they all hang out together 99% of the time, and they’re all really close. the tiny little 0.9% of their lives that we see does not, as it turns out, define their whole existence, and we’re not entitled to see certain interactions between certain people highlighted for our benefit.

i don’t think it was at all necessary for lauren to do what she did, i just think it was really, really sweet of her, because it seems like she was kind of trying to safeguard them and their relationship and that’s just so wonderful and protective and makes my heart ache. 

but, like, ot5 has always been real and will never stop being real and they don’t need to prove that to us. they don’t need to validate their love for each other.

Anonymous: Have you met the girls? If so how was it? Is Lauren intimidating like everyone says or they just trippin? Because from what I see she's amazing and very sweet.


no i haven’t. but i think only those who haven’t got to know her think she’s intimidating (: bc if they just take some time to get to know her..imageimage


i mean like have they seen gifs of her meeting fans bc

or getting tissues for them or this post.

what i’m trying to say is you don’t have to meet her to tell what kind of person she is (: she’s like an open literature book haha, comprehension is obtained from careful reading xD